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  • QSyncFTP  v.1.8QSyncFTP - publish or update your web site by mouse-click automatically or by timers fully automatic to any FTP server. Pubish or modify new files, changed files, new directories and uploads all changed files automatically to one or more FTP servers.
  • InstantSync Secure FTPS SFTP  v.2.0.31InstantSync is a secure desktop tool for high speed file synchronization, mirroring and backups over FTPS and SFTP/SSH. The underlying smart SyncDB file tracking technology guarantees that only new and changed files are transferred, making it perfect ...
  • Box Backup  v.0.11.1An on-line backup system for UNIX. Backups are encrypted, and changed files uploaded using a rsync-like algorithm. See Project Home Page for full ...
  • WinSync  v.alpha2Backup script for Windows based on robocopy Fast backup, syncs changed files only. Space efficient, all duplicate files are Hardlinked. Easy Overview of destination folder Structure: Computer Name > Date_Time > Drive > Folder > ...
  • Dizi Cloud Backup Appliance  v.1.0The Dizi Cloud Backup Appliance is a solution that allows daily backups of multiple computers to a local machine and then sends only the changed files to the cloud. users are restricted to their own directory and cannot see others files. using a sftp ...
  • Lazy mans backup  v.1.0A backup system for lazy people! Lmbk maintains a database of files due for backup or archiving. The lazy user runs lmbk regularly to save changed files on backup media. Media is tracked for reuse or replacement based on its age and type.
  • Svn Ftp Deploy  v.1.0Script to deploy svn changes to ftp. Deploy only changed files and check if current version are changed on server and ask what to do. Typical use 'sfdeploy d 4 HEAD': deploy svn changed file from version 4 to HEAD.
  • Web Based FTP Sync  v.1.0Upload files which have changed to your production server , automating the task of comparing which files have changed. You simply create a FTP jobin the script , run the job and it will upload the changed files for you.
  • TableauPublisher  v.1.0Prevent report chaos on Tableau Server! Python script that can publish a collection .twb files to Tableau Server. Can publish just the files that have changed. Files are stored in subversion and checked out to a local file system. ...
  • PCMate Free Folder Monitor  v.6.6.4PCMate Free Folder Monitor is a cross-platform free folder monitor that automatically records all activities of all the folders including subfolders for newly added/deleted/changed files in real-time.
  • Free File Monitor  v.3.8.8Free File Monitor is a system utility that can persistently monitor all the folders including subfolders for newly added/deleted/changed files. It lets you easily monitor the software activities in your computer system.
  • Easy2Sync for Files  v.1.33.1Great file sync software to transfer all changed files and folders to your second computer or laptop. This tool can also create backups or automatically move files to other folders.
  • EzRollback CDP  v.2.1EzRollback CDP restores an entire folder of files like a full backup ...
  • BestSync Portable 2013  v. dlT« 2010 is a professional folder/file synchronization utility, for sync/backup files between your local folders and Network Drives, FTP servers, Removable Media (such as an USB disk).
  • BestSync FTP 2011  v.6.2.20Synchronize files between PCs by utilizing network storage, USB drive.
  • FTPbox  v.1.8.3 BetaFTPbox is an open-source application that allows you to synchronize all your files to your remote host, via FTP.
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